Cross Transit


『Cross Transit』 USツアー


Akiko Kitamura's Japan Society debut was in 2001 as one of the participants in the Society's Japanese Contemporary Dance Showcase, a program that the Society had presented annually for over a dozen years since the 1996-97 season under a different name. At that time, Kitamura was a choreographer and lead-dancer in her own six-member company, Leni-Basso, which by then had attracted much attention among international contemporary dance professionals. Several years later when I started casually communicating with her then-manager about the possibility of presenting an evening-length work by Akiko for the Society, Leni-Basso had become one of the most sought-after Japanese contemporary dance companies by venues and festivals abroad. Sadly, she may have been exhausted then, because shortly after the performance at Japan Society fell through, Akiko decided to disband her company.
Out of all of the up-and-running dance companies that Japan Society has introduced through its annual showcase, how many have disbanded and how many budding choreographers have disappeared from the scene? The life of artists is such a tough one. However, Akiko's decision to disband proved to be a bold step in the second chapter of her career. She embarked on a courageous journey – driven by her intellectual curiosity – to immerse herself in Southeast Asian countries, where she learned about the people, culture and dance of different regions. I feel very fortunate to have witnessed this pivotal moment of her choreographic evolution.
Two years ago, Akiko once again returned to the Society’s stage as a participant in our biennial Contemporary Dance Showcase from Japan + East Asia program. This time marked the world premiere of her solo work on our stage. When I invited her, Akiko was still concocting a potential collaboration on this new piece with Canadian sound designer Navid Navab. She even asked me, "Are you sure?" I was so sure that she would bring a brilliant piece because I knew how much her creativity and skill had developed as a dance maker. And I was right.
Tonight, after more than ten years have passed since the idea first arose, I am proud to present an evening-length production of Akiko Kitamura’s work. Tonight’s mature and electrifying performance is well worth the wait. I am thrilled to share this outstanding piece with all of you tonight. Moreover, I hope that everyone will share their excitement for Akiko Kitamura’s work after witnessing Cross Transit.

Yoko Shioya
Artistic Director


“The speed and density produce the effect of watching someone paint with disappearing ink. When it lasts for an instant, your memory is only as good as your eyes.”
Review by Erin Bomboy for the NYC production of Cross Transit, published by The Dance Enthusiast, - IMPRESSIONS: “Cross Transit” at the Japan Society with Akiko Kitamura and Kim Hak, April 1, 2019

Cross Transit plays with the nature of time, memory, culture, human interaction with architecture, and so much more.”
Review by Carmel Morgan for the Washington, DC production at The John F. Kennedy Center, published by CriticalDance - Akiko Kitamura’s Cross Transit, March 22, 2019

「Cross Transit」ライブ・パフォーマンスが放つ未来への希望:ニューヨークイベント情報誌「よみタイム」(2019年3月29日号)

2019.3.15(金)20:00 タウソン大学 ステファンズホール(メリーランド州タウソン)

3.19(火)19:30 ケネディーセンター テラスシアター(ワシントンDC)

3.22(金)& 23(土)ジャパンソサエティ(ニューヨーク)

ドラマトゥルク・ビジュアルアートディレクター:Kim Hak(カンボジア)
振付・出演:柴一平、清家悠圭、西山友貴、川合ロン、Chy Ratana(Amrita Performing Arts, Phnom Penh, カンボジア)
テクニカルディレクター・照明デザイン:関口裕二(balance,inc. DESIGN)
ナレーションボイスオーバー:Paul Dargan
制作協力:Amrita Performing Arts
主催:Office ALB、Japan Society

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