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“To Belong” is a multimedia dance piece. It is an international co-production by A/LB, Tokyo and Komunitas Salihara, Jakarta.

The piece was born out of a collaboration between the dancer and choreographer Akiko Kitamura, the dancers Martinus Miroto, Ruri Mito and Rianto, the dramaturge and film director Kei Ishikawa, and the sound director Yasuhiro Morinaga.

“To Belong” reconsiders how dualism, spirit and our bodies are impacted by science and technology. We do not possess perfect freedom. Rather, we exist between multiple limitations – physical, spiritual, limitations to our nature and thinking. These limitations can be serious, funny, even absurd. These ideas are explored beyond nationality and imagine how our daily lives will be in the future.

To reflect delicate changes in movement, the choreography is built around daily movements that have been deconstructed and refigured to move with the internal rhythm of the body. Beginning with inner body sensations, the dance is constructed by the fragility of the body. The gestures of daily life, and the forms and spirit of Indonesian martial arts are incorporated into the choreography, transformed by the delicacy of dance.

“To Belong” aims to stimulate audiences visually and aurally, utilizing dialogue and a freeflowing collage of image, music, song and dance.

From the scientific point of view as well as the narrative, the choreography aims to open unknown neural pathways, enabling a new approach to dance.