Last Update : June,2020

+ Ireland-Japan Collaboration Project
“Echoes of Calling”  

Due to the circumstances around COVID-19, upcoming creation and performance schedules for “Echoes of Calling” are currently under review.  We will keep you updated through our website and social media.  

Project Launch Event

15-16 February, 2020
At Shibaura House, Minato Ward, Tokyo
Work-in-progress showing, workshops and public talks.

Choreographer/Director: Akiko Kitamura
Dramaturg: Séamus Scanlon
Music Director: Hiroaki Yokoyama

Dancers :  Naoto Katori (Condors), Naoko Matsuda, Tatuski Okamura, Naoya Nagai, Ryo Ikeda

Sean Nós Singer: Áine Ní Dhroighneáin
Uilleann Piper: Pádraic Keane
Japanese Taiko Drummer: Masaki Otawa

Guest Speakers:
Mareka Naito
(Fiddle and Concertina Player/Harpist)

Mayumi Tsuruoka
(Director, Institute for Art Anthropology, Tama Art University
Professor of Art and Design History, Faculty of Art and Design, Tama Art University)

+ Cross Transit project “Rhymes of Soil”
Date: 25th-27th October 2019
Venue: Theatre Tram

+ Akiko Kitamura has been awarded the grand prize in the annual Japan Dance Forum Award 2018 for her direction on "vox soil" from the Cross Transit project.

+ "Cross Transit" US Tour
We are going to tour three cities in the U.S. in March 2019. Please come and watch!

March 15, 8:00PM
Towson University Stephens Hall Theatre (MD)

March 19, 7:30PM
The Kennedy Center Terrace Theater (DC)

March 22&23, 7:30PM
Japan Society (NY)

+ Cross Transit "vox soil" -new ver.-
@Yokohama City Date: 12th-14th October 2018
Venue: Kanagawa Arts Theatre
Tickets Sale will be on 1st September 2018

+ Akiko Kitamura will do lecture presentation of her works and give workshop
in gSeoul International Choreography Workshop 2018h, 11th-17th August 2018.

+ Cross Transit "vox soil" -new ver.-
@Matsumoto City Date: 20th October 2018
Venue: Matsumoto Performing Arts Center
Tickets Sale will be on 28th July 2018!

+ The Asian International Collaborative Project: Cross Transit "vox soil"
Date: 28th - 30th March 2018
Venue: Chofu City Sengawa Theater
Please Join us!

+ Cross Transit gPhnom Penhh in Cambodia
Date: 16th(thur) / 17th(fri) November 2017
Time: 19:00 *Door Open 18:45~
Venue: Department of Performing ArtsiPhnom Penh, Cambodiaj
Please Join us!

+"Daku" ~ spin-out work from Cross Transit project!~Midnight performance!
@Roppongi Hills Arena
30.September-1.October, 0:00~0:20
@Roppongi Art Night
Akiko Kitamura will show performance with Akihiko Kaneko, Hiroakio Yokoyama
& fabulous dancers, Yuka Seike, Llon Kawai, Yuki Nishiyama and Ferena Kagata.

+Youtube channel and Facebook page of Leni-Basso (1994-2009) that Akiko Kitamura founded company was released.

+Updated Review Page.(Review of “TranSenses”)

+ g TranSenses g (premiered at Japan Society NY, 6-7th January 2017) Akiko Kitamurafs solo dance & collaboration piece with a sound designer Navid Navab from Canada will performed in Montreal! APRIL 27. 28. 29 | 7:30 PM / APRIL 30 | 4 PM @Tangentefs dance program VIRTUALLY, IN THE FLESH in Montreal
Please Join us!

+ Cross Transit performance in Tokyo and Matsumoto
22nd September 2016 Matsumoto Performing Arts Center Small Hall in Matsumoto
29th September - 2nd October 2016 Theater Tram in Tokyo
Please Join us!

+ Southeast Asian Choreolab 2016 Emerging contemporary dance choreographers from Southeast Asia are invited to apply for this international choreographic laboratory, facilitated by Japanese choreographer Akiko Kitamura, at Rimbun Dahan, from 28 May to 5 June 2016 .

+Akiko Kitamurafs Public Talk Information

ACC Talk #1: Akiko Kitamura | Journey To Dance: gCross Transith
| Enchanted by Body Techniques in Cambodia, Myanmar, and Manipur
Date & Time: Friday, May 20, 2016 5:00-6:30pm *gathering 6:30-8:30pm
Venue: Studio S, Morishita Studio (Morishita, Tokyo)
Talk session guest: Shirotama Hitsujiya Language: Japanese only Application
details :
Please join us!

+Akiko Kitamura's new project "CrossTransit".
The first trial work will come up! 30. March 2016 (Wed.) 19:00~ 31.March 2016(Thu.)15:00~/ 19:00~ 3 stages!!!
The Sengawa theater information@: 5 min from Sengawa Station by Keno Line.

+To Belong project
To Belong/Suwung performance in Indonesia

16th/17th December 2014 20:00~ Geothe Haus in Jakarta
20th December 2014 20:00~Teater Besar ISI-SURAKARTA,in Solo
*21th December 2014 15:00~18:00
Special Talk session for Slamet Gundono Wisma Seni Taman Budaya Srakarta, in Solo
Please Join us!

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+To Belong project

2014-newest ver.-To Belong-Suwung-

will be performed at Aoyama Round Theater on 3~5th October 2014.
Please check Festival web site! >

+The NUS Arts Festival 2014
>>info LINK

>>info LINK
+Performance Date /Fri 14 & Sat 15 Mar
Time / 8pm
Venue / UCC Theatre
+To Belong-cyclonicdream-
>>info LINK
Time / 8pm
Venue / UCC Theatre
@ Akiko Kitamura & Yasuhiro Morinagafs Interview

+To Belong - cyclonicdream -
a production for 40th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation
Jumpto MoreInfo.

+Akiko Kitamurafs interview by Ikenobo Headmaster Designate, Yuki Ikenobo ingKADOh IKENOBO July 2013.

+Akiko Kitamura has choreographed and performed in the promotional video of Re-tem Corporation.
Jump YouTube page

+Akiko Kitamura won the 7th Japan Dance Forum Award.

+Akiko Kitamura performed with AKATZKI by CONDORS

+Interview with Akiko Kitamura has been published.
qThe Japan Foundation Artist Interviewr

+Akiko Kitamura has started the new project gTo Belongh since April, 2010.
It is a work of an international collaboration for several years between Indonesia and Japan.

+Akiko Kitamura will choreograph and direct ICE project for ACE dance&music @
more information

+AKiko Kitamura will start co-production with Komunitas Salihara in Jakarta March 2012.
more information will come up soon.

+Akiko Kitamura will take part in the theater piece "Italian Restaurant" >> more info
finished! thank you very much for your coming!

+Akiko Kitamura will perform "solo dance" with next project of Art Zoyd. Don't miss it! >> more info
finished! thank you very much for your coming!